Ever meet or work with one of those developers who had the whole package? This person intuitively understood the needs of business users, had the ability to consistently deliver top quality code with little or no bugs, and was one of the hands down best technical resources and coders you ever met?

I’ve worked with someone like that – Mike Meadows, a fellow IT professional out here in the greater Denver area. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mike on and off over the last year or so, and I’m constantly amazed by his technical knowledge and ability to deliver well-architected and technically sound solutions.

And it appears that Mike and rhythmiQ have done it again!

Mike is the founder of an IT consulting and solutions company called rhythmiQ. In addition to software consulting, his company has also just released what I believe to be a revolutionary product called InfinityGL.

The inspiration for InfinityGL, as it has been related to me, came to Mike one day while he was consulting. All of a sudden he said to himself, “I implement and build the exact same solutions every day, over and over” (not necessarily a direct quote). Mike felt that there had to be a better way, a way for businesses to get out of the monotony of either having to use “canned” software that didn’t do the job or pay for technical professionals that don’t always understand the business needs to perform mundane and repetitive tasks over and over.

**InfinityGL is a way for businesses to break out of the rut and monotony of IT failures, and empower their business users to actually create the solutions themselves. **As Mike states:

“The crisis mandates that we look at the software development life cycle from a fresh angle. In the current methodology, business generates requirements and then technology creates solutions. Flip it upside down: business needs the ability to create solutions first and then effectively communicate requirements to technology.” (full article)

Yes, Mike means exactly what he says. I’ve seen a demonstration of the application, and it’s powerful! Through the administrative website, a user can actually define both their logical data layer as well as their application front-end. Building slick applications is as easy as dragging and dropping! Check out his website – he built it with his own product!

For developers and business users looking to bridge the gap between business and technology, I highly recommend you take a look at what Mike Meadows and rhyhmiQ are offering.

You can learn more about InfinityGL at

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