Professional Commerce Server 2007

Mar 13, 2007 | 1 minute read

I have just closed a deal with Wrox ( to write a book on Commerce Server 2007!

This book will be part of the Professional series, and entitled Professional Commerce Server 2007. Writing begins next week, and should be completed by the end of Q3, 2007. It should hit store shelves some time in late 2007, early 2008. A long process, yet hopefully very worthwhile!

This book will deal with advanced topics, such as:

  • Best practices and development environments
  • Commerce Server core systems architecture
  • Building a Commerce Server site / using the Starter Site
  • Using the Business Management Systems
  • The Pipeline Framework
  • Web Services and SOA
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • Core systems deep dive
    • Catalog System
    • Inventory System
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Customer and Orders Manager System
  • BizTalk 2006 adapters
  • The Commerce Server 2007 MOM Pack
  • Production architecture
  • Deployment tools and methodology
  • Commerce Server staging
  • Deploying and securing the site
  • Tuning and optimizing

Additionally, the last quarter of the book will be advanced “how-to” topics, with lots of examples. These are based on the most common questions and scenarios requested by companies using Commerce Server, and will take the reader from start to finish.

I will try to periodically post information to this blog. Stay tuned!

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