Have you ever received the following error when you tried to access a UNC path?

_XXXXXXX_ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Access is denied.

I found that if I logged into some of our production servers, I was unable to connect to a UNC path on the file server (a different machine), even though I was able to access these resources locally. The only difference I could find was that in order to access the production servers I had to use a different login than my local login (e.g. my local login had acess to the file share, but not the login I used for the production boxes). And, as I do not have administrative rights in this domain (nor were any administrators available to assist) I couldn’t change the rights to the file server to give my production user access.

So, I needed to find a way to access the file share as my local account. Unfortunately, I couldn’t log into the production server with my local account (a good thing, actually), and I couldn’t get Explorer.exe to runas my local account while on the server.

Then I decided to try and mount the share as a driver. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Opened up My Computer, the click Tools –> Map Network Drive …

  2. For the folder, specify your UNC share. Then, instead of clicking finish, click the “Connect using a different user name”.

  3. In the Connect As screen, specify your local account that has the ability to access the UNC share.

  4. Click OK, then Finish.

These steps mount the UNC share using your local account. As a result, I was able to access the file server on the production server, which I previously hadn’t been able to do.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, these steps may provide you with a temporary work around.

I hope this helps!

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