What’s your Google rank or page position?

Jun 6, 2007 | 1 minute read

I often find myself curious as to what my rank/position on Google is, given a set of keywords. For example, I know that if I search on my name “Wade Wegner” this blog comes up second (my personal site being first). However, I sometimes wonder where my blog falls for other keywords, such as “commerce server 2007” or “biztalk server 2006”.

So, I wrote this little tool to tell me!

This tool allows you to specify your URL (e.g. “") and some keywords (e.g. “commerce server 2007”) and tells you what number you are. Currently, I have it scan only the first 1000 Google entries.

Useful, yes?

I realize it’s a simple interface, but I just quickly slapped it together.

Any one know if this violates any of Googles terms of use? I hope not!


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