It was a slower-than-normal week in the world of Commerce Server; that is, slow for everyone except Max. The man is a Commerce Server animal!

The general slowness and lack of blog posts can probably be attributed to the Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver, CO., this past week. Lots of activity. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. I’ve been swamped with BizTalk projects and dirty diapers.

Here’s what I read regarding Commerce Server this past week …

Blogs (posts you should read)

07/10/2007 - Max Akbar - Endeavor Commerce to unveil SmartCatalog TM for CRM 6.1 at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference - Max mentioned that Endeavor Commerce announced version 6.1 of their SmartCatalog for CRM application. You can learn more and SmartCatalog, and all the great stuff they’re doing at Endeavor Commerce, here.

07/11/2007 - Max Akbar - Microsoft Commerce Server Webcasts on TechNet - Max has put together two new webcasts: How to Configure Commerce Server 2007 and Schemas for Commerce Server 2007 BizTalk Adapters. His first webcast shows specific instructions on how to configure Commerce Server applications, and the second provides detailed information how how to use the BizTalk schemas for the Commerce Server adapters. Be sure and take a look at these two screen casts. As with most everything Max does, these webcasts are great.

07/13/2007 - CS Team Blog [MSFT] - “Invalid Viewstate” With Load Balancers - Joe Wasson, a member of the Commerce Server product team, provides a solution to a problem that may occur when a client goes through the checkout process. If you receive the error"Viewstate verification failed. Reason: Viewstate was invalid." during the checkout process, be sure and take a look at this post.

07/14/2007 - Max Akbar - Commerce Server 2007 SP1 Partner SDK - Max reminded us all that the Partner SDK has also been updated: Commerce Server 2007 SP1 Partner SDK.

07/14/2007 - Max Akbar - Catalog Web Service and SetJoin API Configuration - Max discovered a problem with the Set Join API documentation, with regards to the Catalog Web Server web.config file. Along with the product group, Max was able to find a solution to the issue.

Forum / Newsgroup (answered questions that you might find useful to peruse)

07/09/2007 - CS2007 now fails - An additional tip on how to resolve the “DirectMailer already exists” problem that occurs when configuring a renamed Commerce Server computer.

07/09/2007 - Error while using the Site Connection - Jared Hodges provides two steps that must be taken to make sure that the management applications can connect to the orders service. These both relate to whether or not your certificate is trusted.

07/10/2007 - Migrating profile data from CS2002 to CS2007 - Max provides two useful links describing how to migrate profile data from Commerce Server 2002 to Commerce Server 2007.

07/10/2007 - Unit Test failing for Starter Site - William was having problems with the BasketHelperTest and CatalogHelperTest for the starter site. He resolved the problem by installing Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005.

07/10/2007 - HTTP 500 Error When Launching Business User Application - David Lott provides tips on how to configure Commerce Server 2007 on Windows Vista.

07/10/2007 - Product Relationships Question - Describes how to link the product definition data to the product relationships returned from the CatalogRelationshipsDataTable.

07/11/2007 - Error in Getting Profile - Some guidance on how to retrieve profile information.

07/11/2007 - How to determine is user authenticated in current session [sic] - Again, William answered his own question, and discovered the HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated property.

Have a great week!

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