Exciting Commerce Server News

Aug 8, 2007 | 1 minute read

Some really interesting news on the Commerce Server front today …

Cactus Commerce Signs a Global Agreement With Microsoft Corp. for Electronic Commerce

“Cactus Commerce, a software and services company, today announced it has signed an agreement with Microsoft Corporation to drive product development, partner ecosystem development, marketing, services and support of the Commerce Server platform. The long-term strategic partnership reinforces both companies’ continued focus, investment and commitment to lead innovation for the e-commerce marketplace on a global scale. …"

Microsoft Rebrandishes E-Commerce Chops With Commerce Server Plans

_“There’s been speculation that Microsoft is on the way out of the e-commerce game as the company has been largely silent about the future of its Commerce Server product. Speculate no longer. In a broad outline of Commerce Server’s future on Wednesday, Microsoft is declaring its intention to stay in the game in a big way. _

‘To answer speculation, yes, we are going to continue Commerce Server as a standalone product and brand,’ says Ryan Donovan, Microsoft’s product unit manager for the Commerce Server and Web hosting product groups. …"

I can’t wait to see what this actually means for the Commerce Server product. Exciting times! Congratulations to Cactus Commerce – I expect good things to come of this partnership with Microsoft!

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