Somehow I missed the announcement that SP1 was released for Virtual Server 2005 R2. Given that I run nearly all my development (and some non-development) environments on R2, I’m surprised I didn’t catch wind of SP1!

You can download SP1 here: It’s interesting to note that Vista flavors are listed as supported host operating systems, yet include a “non-Production only” caveat.

I run Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Vista Business without any problems (well, if you know some tricks). As I upgraded I noted the following:

  • When installing SP1, be sure to turn off the Virtual Server service, else you will receive the following warning:


  • It will detect the previous version and force you to upgrade:


  • I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that some of these options are new. Sorry, I haven’t had the time to research them - when I do, I promise I’ll post my findings.


The upgrade seemed to go without a problem. I was able to mount and start my virtual machines without any problems whatsoever.

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