Milestone: 100 feed subscribers

Aug 18, 2007 | 2 minutes read

I started blogging as a way of archiving tips-and-tricks I learn everyday so that I can go refer back to the post rather than having to constantly re-learn everything. I have also tried to document ways I have solved various problems and issues that I am confronted with while working with various technologies. I’ll admit that, originally, this blog was a purely selfish endeavor - I wasn’t motivated by any altruistic reasons, I simply wanted to have a way to archive things I’ve learned so that I could refer back to them.

Recently, though, this has all changed. I didn’t realize how much satisfaction I’d receive from seeing the that other people are also finding value in my posts. As readership has increased, and I get more and more feedback from people that found a solution to their problem in one of my posts, I have tried to post better and more useful content.

100 readers

I know that 100 feed subscribers is a small milestone (many of the blogs I subscriber to have thousands of subscribers), but nonetheless I am proud of the slow, organic growth I’ve seen in my feed subscribers and blog visitors. I don’t try anything gimmicky - all I do is post content based on thing things I do everyday and the things I learn along the way.

I just thought I’d share my feed stats with you. It’s neat (at least, I think it is) to see the growth of subscribers since the day I started tracking them. Here are my FeedBurner stats:

Feed Stats Dashboard

At the same time, traffic to the blog itself has continued to grow. Here are stats from Google over the same period:

Google dashboard

(Amazing how visits just plummet on the weekend!)

Thanks to all of you that subscribe to my blog or occasionally visit. And special thanks to those of you that e-mail me or leave a comment. For those of you that haven’t contacted me one way or another, please drop me an e-mail or write a comment once in awhile. I would love to learn who you are and what you find valuable about my blog.


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