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Sep 14, 2007 | 2 minutes read

Microsoft Commerce Server

It has been awhile since I last posted about the status of the book Professional Commerce Server 2007, so I thought I’d share some news and exciting developments.

First of all, I am very happy to announce that Tom Schultz has agreed to participate in writing the book and will author a number of chapters. Tom is a senior consultant with the Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS), and is particularly focused on e-commerce and the Commerce Server product. Tom’s extensive real world knowledge and expertise will bring tremendous value to this book, and I am really excited to work with him.

The book is on schedule and still targeted to hit the shelves in Q1, 2008.

Here is the table of contents for the book. At this point there really won’t be any major changes:

Part I: Getting Started

1 Technology Primer
2 First Steps
3 The Commerce Server Architecture

Part II - Commerce Server Overview

4 The Catalog System
5 The Inventory System
6 The Orders System
7 The Profiles System
8 The Marketing System
9 The Commerce Server Adapters for BizTalk Server 2006
10 Commerce Server Staging
11 The Data Warehouse Analytics System
12 The Business Processing Pipeline System

Part III: Developing with Commerce Server

13 Commerce Server 2007 Development
14 Developing with the Catalog System
15 Developing with the Inventory System
16 Developing with the Orders System
17 Developing with the Profile System
18 Developing with the Marketing System
19 Customizing the Business Management Applications
20 Modifying and Extending the Data Warehouse
21 Building and Customizing SQL Reporting Services
22 Advanced Topics with the Commerce Server Adapters
23 Operational Monitoring

Part IV: Commerce Server in Production

24 Production Architectures
25 Building Your Production Environments
26 Deploying Commerce Server


B FAQ and Answers
C Tips and Tricks

Tom and I will continue to work diligently on finalizing the content of the book. Our goal is to provide our peers (i.e. you!) with the knowledge required to successfully architect, implement, deploy, and support enterprise solutions using Commerce Server 2007.

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