The Commerce Server 2007 book lives!

Feb 4, 2009 | 2 minutes read

In fact, not only is it alive, but it’s thriving!

Please take a look at an announcement recently made by Glen (Software) Smith announcing that the Commerce Server 2007 book is finished. You may (or may not) recall that this book was originally going to be published by Wiley (aka Wrox), but that it was cancelled for a number of reasons. Consequently, efforts on the book essentially stalled until Glen stepped up last fall and volunteered to see it through fruition. I am extremely grateful for all his hard work.

Glen has done a fantastic job taking the existing content I created (along with input from Tom Schultz, Ryan Donovan, Kevin Kraus, Brad Bont, David Hargis – and even Max Akbar) and extend it with additional content. Furthermore, I’m very excited that he’s currently refreshing the book so that it contains information on Commerce Server 2009 as well – very exciting! Take a look at the TOC (note: this may change based on the refresh for Commerce Server 2009):

i. Introduction
Part I: Commerce Server Primer
1 Getting Started
2 The Commerce Server Architecture
Part II - Commerce Server Overview
3 The Catalog System
4 The Inventory System
5 The Orders System
6 The Profiles System
7 The Marketing System
8 The Commerce Server Adapters for BizTalk Server
9 Commerce Server Staging
10 The Data Warehouse Analytics System
11 The Business Processing Pipeline System
Part III: Developing with Commerce Server
12 Commerce Server Development
13 Developing with the Catalog System
14 Developing with the Inventory System
15 Developing with the Orders System
16 Developing with the Profile System
17 Developing with the Marketing System
18 The Business Management Applications
19 Extending the Data Warehouse and SQL Reporting Services
20 Commerce Server Integration
21 Operational Management
Part IV: Commerce Server Production Architectures
22 Application Architectures for Production

I know you all have questions about the cost and availability of this book. When I have more information, I will post it. For now, if you have questions, please feel free to email me (through my blog here) or reach out to Glen at his blog (

Looking back at my first announcement regarding Commerce Serve 2007, I’m struck by the fact that it’s been almost two years – amazing. What’s more amazing is that today there STILL isn’t a definitive book on building e-commerce applications with Commerce Server 2007 (or 2009, for that matter). I think you all will be very happy with this book.

Hope this helps!

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