SQL Azure Database is Feature Complete!

Oct 15, 2009 | 2 minutes read

SQL Azure

As many of you probably already know, the CTP of SQL Azure is now feature complete! Fantastic work by the SQL Azure product team, as it was only in August that they announced the opening of the SQL Azure Database CTP!

I recommend reading the entire announcement on the SQL Azure team’s blog. Here are some brief notes on the announcement:

  • Details

    • CTP 2 (announced yesterday, October 15th) represents the complete set of features that will be available at commercial launch this November at PDC.

    • SQL Azure Database is now running on one of the go-live production clusters.

    • This environment will automatically roll into the fully supported production environment at PDC.

  • Key features added in CTP 2

    • **Firewall support **– You can now specify an allow list of IP addresses, preventing unauthorized users from reaching your SQL Azure databases.

    • **Bulk Insert **– SqlBulkCopy, or BCP, is now supported. This makes data migration much faster.

    • **Database Edition Selection **– You can now select either the Web Edition (1 GB) or Business Edition (10 GB) version of SQL Azure Database.

    • Additional T-SQL support – A host of new functionality has been exposed. Take a look at Transact-SQL Reference for details.

Also, you no longer get the “SET ANSI NULLS” error when connecting a query window via SSMS!

If you haven’t tried SQL Azure yet, now’s the time!

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