I have seen enough people ask about running ASP.NET MVC Web Applications in Windows Azure that I thought I’d put together a short, quick webcast that shows exactly the steps you need to take. With the further ado …

                ![](ASP.NET MVC in Windows Azure_Thumb.jpg)


                ![Get Microsoft Silverlight](

                    ![Get Microsoft Silverlight]()

Before you try this yourself, make sure you satisfy the following dependencies:

For those of you that have no desire to watch a four minute video, and would rather have a quick walkthrough, here you go:

  1. Create a blank cloud services project. Do not add any roles to the project.

  2. Add a new ASP.NET MVC Web Application to the solution.

  3. Add the ASP.NET MVC Web Application as a web role in the cloud services project.

  4. Add the Microsoft.ServiceHosting.ServiceRuntime.dll assembly to the ASP.NET MVC Web Application.

  5. Set the following MVC assemblies to Copy Local True.

* System.Web.Abstractions 

* System.Web.Mvc 

* System.Routing 
  1. Run the application.

I hope this helps!

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