George Huey has done it again! He has just published some significant updates to the SQL Azure Migration Wizard.

Previously, I’ve described the SQL Azure Migration Wizard as a tool that helps you migrate your SQL Server database into SQL Azure. This is still true, but now, thanks to updates made by George Huey, you can also migrate from SQL Azure-to-SQL Server and SQL Azure-to-SQL Azure. These are significant updates to the tool!

Please watch the following video for an updated explanation of the tool:

        ![](SQL Azure MW - Overview_Thumb.jpg)             ![](Preview.png)                                                         


                               ![Get Microsoft Silverlight](              
                           [                 ![Get Microsoft Silverlight]()             ](                         

As I said, the updates made by George enable all the following scenarios for database migration …

  • SQL Server-to-SQL Azure

  • SQL Azure-to-SQL Server

  • SQL Azure-to-SQL Azure

These last two updates are significant! Take a look at this thread on the SQL Azure Migration Wizard codeplex site – the user had a scenario where they wanted to migrate a 1 GB database in SQL Azure into a 10 GB database in SQL Azure.

Please take a look at the SQL Azure Migration Wizard up on Codeplex, where you can download the source code and/or binaries.

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