I am excited to share that I’m taking the role of Technical Evangelist for the Windows Azure platform, focused on the Azure AppFabric. I’m joining James Conard’s team that focuses on Windows Azure platform evangelism, working with David Aiken, Ryan Dunn, Zach Owens, and Vittorio Bertocci – truly an all-star team! Oh, and I hope to spend a lot more time with Jack Greenfield, Clemens Vasters, Justin Smith, and everyone else on the AppFabric team!

So, what is the Windows Azure platform AppFabric (other than a mouthful)?

What is the Windows Azure platform AppFabric?

That’s one of the things I hope to de-mystify in my new role. Expect to see me talking a lot about it in the future.

The best part about focusing on the Azure AppFabric is that it doesn’t restrict me to just one technology – because the Azure AppFabric is the glue that integrates and secures applications across the Internet, I’ll get to leverage the entire Windows Azure platform, various mobile platforms, web technologies, and almost everything else in our technology stack – not to mention interoperability with other platforms!

So, what does taking this role mean?

  • I’m moving the entire family to Redmond, WA. Incidentally, want to buy a house in Glen Ellyn, IL?

  • I hope to spend more time in Visual Studio than in Outlook.

  • I’m going to spend a lot more time writing blog posts and recording screen casts. Lots of really neat things to share.

  • I’ll continue speaking at events like PDC, TechEd, and MIX, and hope to hit even more online and local events.

  • I want to work with all of you to find new and interesting ways to leverage the Azure AppFabric.

I am leaving an amazing group of people here in Central Region DPE. I want to thank everyone on my team – both local and extended – for making my time as an Architect Evangelist enjoyable and fulfilling.

See you soon in Redmond!

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