My First Week as a Technical Evangelist

Jul 10, 2010 | 2 minutes read

Developer and Platform Evangelism

I definitely luck out when it comes to the first day on the job. My first day as an Architect Evangelist was at a team offsite in Las Vegas. This time around, as a Technical Evangelist, my team hosted a Windows Azure platform Software Design Review (SDR) for customers up in Redmond. A SDR is an opportunity for customers to join product teams and review current and future states of the technology. Lots of energy and great conversations.

In addition to the SDR, I was able to move into my new office and spend time meeting with folks from the Windows Azure AppFabric product team – very exciting!

I thought I might capture some thoughts and impressions from the week:

  • I love riding my bicycle to the Microsoft campus. The Sammamish River Trail and 520 Trail are wonderful for cycling.

  • There’s an energy on campus. I can feel it. It’s intoxicating.

  • SDRs are great. It’s awesome to listen to customers that are actively building solutions on the Windows Azure platform and providing feedback to make it even better.

  • I am super excited about new capabilities and features coming with the Windows Azure platform, especially the AppFabric.

  • It’s great to have guys like Clemens Vasters and Justin Smith just down the street.

  • I have amazing teammates, and I’m humbled to work with them: Ryan Dunn, Vittorio Bertocci, and Zack Owens.

  • The Technology Evangelist role is empowering. Lots of responsibilities and opportunities to execute.

  • I’m tickled to have an office for the first time in my career.

While moving itself (including the sale of our house) isn’t the most fun, so far it’s been worth it. So much great stuff coming, and I get to be right on the edge. Be sure to follow all the announcements next week at the Worldwide Partner Conference!

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