This tip isn’t new, but it’s still useful. I found myself building a new development box this week, and I didn’t want to use SQLExpress for the Windows Azure development storage. Instead, I wanted to use the default instance for SQL Server.

It’s pretty simple to do this – after you install the Windows Azure SDK and Tools, go to a command prompt and browse to the following folder: C:Program FilesWindows Azure SDKv1.2bindevstore (or wherever you installed the SDK). From there, use the DSInit.exe tool:

DSInit.exe /sqlInstance:.

Remember that the . is a reference to the default instance. If you want to target an instance name, you can use:

DSInit.exe /sqlInstance:YourInstanceName

Now you’ll see that


Note: this tip is also helpful for when you get the error message “Failed to create database ‘DevelopmentStorageDb20090919’” during the automatic configuration of Windows Azure development storage.

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