Service Bus on the Cloud Cover Show

Aug 27, 2010 | 2 minutes read


Ryan Dunn and Steve Marx have a great show on Channel9 called the Cloud Cover Show. I’ve been watching it since the beginning, and have learned a lot about different features of the Windows Azure Platform, the latest news and announcements, as well as tips and tricks. Naturally, I was honored (and a bit scared) when they asked me to join them on the show to talk about the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus.

Let me state this for the record – I was right to be afraid!

Let’s talk about how I was introduced – Wegner Clawed. Watch it for yourself. If you aren’t laughing hysterically then there’s something wrong with you. And for the record I am not related to Joe Wegner (at least I hope not)!

Wade’s Funky Fresh Beat

Next, Wade’s Funky Fresh Beat – a tribute to both Wegner Clawed and the funky beat in my post Using Social Web Providers in Less than 5 Minutes. I’m moved that Steve took the time to put this together.

Of course, we did manage to spend some time talking about the Service Bus, and even showed a few demos (with a funky beat, I might add).

All-in-all, I had a ton of fun (despite losing a bit of dignity). Can’t wait to come on again!

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