7 Reasons I’m Excited About IE9

Sep 15, 2010 | 1 minute read

The IE9 beta was released today, and I’m really excited. Sure, it supports HTML5 and modern web standards, leverages hardware acceleration to make it faster than any other browser on the world, and more. But that’s not what really gets me excited about it.

        ![]()             ![](Preview.png)                                                         


                               ![Get Microsoft Silverlight](              
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DoKashiteru / CC BY 2.5

For those of you unable to watch the above video, let me spell it out:

  1. It’s fast. VERY fast.

  2. Warns me about add-ons that are slow.

  3. I can easily leverage search and search suggestions

  4. Downloads are better integrated into the browser.

  5. New tabs show useful activity information.

  6. You can easily pull tabs out of the browser, and back in!

  7. You can pin a tab into the task bar and leverage quick launches.


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