What have I been doing for PDC10?

Oct 27, 2010 | 2 minutes read


While I’ve been involved with the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in the past (keynote in ‘08, breakout in ‘08, and breakout in ‘09), I’ve never been as personally vested and involved as I am this year. Whether you look at as a perk or curse, it’s one of the jobs I signed up for when I took the roll as a Technical Evangelist for the Windows Azure Platform (personally, I love it!).

So, what have I been working on?

Sadly, there’s not much I can talk about at the moment. As a Technical Evangelist, my job is to work with the engineering teams and help them bring their technology to you. I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Building 18 the last few months digging into a lot of new stuff and preparing for PDC and beyond. All of the content I’ve been focused on – keynote, sessions, hands-on labs, interviews, etc. – is embargoed until after the keynote presentation. You can bet that I’ll post about everything after the keynote, but until then let me drop a few teasers:

  • Don’t miss the keynote, especially Bob Muglia. We’re making some key announcements, and you’ll get a chance to see an application I’ve spent a significant amount of time working on.

  • Two weeks ago I recorded a session for PDC that will not get published until after the keynote tomorrow. Watch for it.

  • Don’t miss the following sessions:

    • Composing Applications with AppFabric Services, Karandeep Anand

    • Connecting Cloud & On-Premises Apps with the Windows Azure Platform, Yousef Khalidi

    • Identity & Access Control in the Cloud, Vittorio Bertocci

    • Building High Performance Web Applications with the Windows Azure Platform, Matthew Kerner

Of course there are a lot of other great sessions, but don’t miss these here!

If you are fortunate enough to attend PDC10 this year, look me up! In addition to participating and attending the sessions above, I’ll be at the Welcome Reception, Ask-the-Experts, and the Attendee Party. I’ll also be at the PDC10 Workshop this Saturday, where I’ll give a chalk talk and help proctor HOLs and engage in 1:1’s with attendees.

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