In addition to building the Composite Application keynote demo presented by James Conard and Bob Muglia, I presented a session on the new Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service that’s now available as a CTP release in the AppFabric LABS environment. You can find the presentation here:

Introduction to Windows Azure AppFabric Caching


A few interesting notes on the Caching service:

  • It’s a distributed, in-memory, application cache provided entirely as a service – no installation, management, or deployment required

  • Low latency and high throughput (i.e. it’s fast)

  • Based off of Windows Server AppFabric Caching (codename “Velocity”), and the development experience is identical

  • Local cache support allows you to keep your data in-memory on the client, reducing network latency penalties

  • You can cache any managed object, regardless of the size; if using local cache you pay no serialization costs

  • Secured by the Access Control service

  • Pre-built providers for ASP.NET session state and page output caching

You’re going to hear a lot about the Caching service from me, as it fills a very significant gap in the Windows Azure Platform.

For some more information, you should also take a look at these resources:

And of course, visit to try it out today!

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