Update: Recent updates to the Windows Azure AppFabric CTP (see here) have made some of the steps shown in this video incorrect. Please review Getting Started with BidNow and Deploy BidNow to the Cloud for updates.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

This video provides a walkthrough of the steps required to get the BidNow Sample up and running on your computer.

BidNow is an online auction site that shows how our comprehensive set of cloud services can be used to develop a highly scalable consumer application. We have recently released a significant update that increases BidNows use of the Windows Azure platform, and specifically uses new features announced at the Professional Developers Conference and in the Windows Azure SDK 1.3 release.

BidNow uses the following technologies:

  • Windows Azure (updated for Windows Azure SDK 1.3)

  • SQL Azure

  • Windows Azure storage (blobs and queues)

  • Windows Azure AppFabric Caching

  • Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control

  • OData

  • Windows Phone 7

For a more comprehensive discussion please see the post Signficant Updates Released in the BidNow Sample for Windows Azure. To get the latest version of BidNow, download the sample here. To see a live version running, please go here.

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