At this point I’m sure you’ve heard that the Windows Phone Developer Tools for “Mango” released today (also called the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta). To learn about these tools I suggest you review the following:

To support the WPDT 7.1 beta, we just released the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 V1.2.2. This release provides support for the beta tools so that you can use these new tools and still use the toolkit. Additionally, we have updated the dependency checker wizard so that we can ensure you have all the prerequisites to successfully use the toolkit.


One thing I want to make clear is that the toolkit is specifically designed to build Windows Phone 7.0 applications, not applications for the new Windows Phone OS 7.1 or “Mango” platform. Consequently, our project templates continue to target Windows Phone 7.0 application projects and not Windows Phone 7.1 application projects for Windows Phone.

Regardless of whether you have downloaded or installed the new tools, the experience hasn’t changed – the dependency checker will still check and ensure that dependencies and prerequisites are installed on your machine. The only difference is that you’ll now see an optional download for the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta:


You can click the Download link to download and install the WPDT 7.1 Beta. Once you have successfully installed the WPDT 7.1 beta you can run the wizard again and it should complete without a problem.

I hope this helps!

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