It’s been a little more than three weeks since I announced my departure from Microsoft. Leaving Microsoft was harder than I expected and I never anticipated the outpouring of support and appreciation from everyone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Aditi Technologies

Today I’m really excited to share that I’ve joined Aditi Technologies as Chief Technology Officer. Aditi is a top Microsoft partner with a lot of talented people and has recently made a lot of key investments – particularly around Windows Azure. Last November Aditi acquired Cumulux, hired Windows Azure MVP Nuno Godinho, and most recently brought on the former Windows Azure Tactical Strategist Steve Marx.

Aditi has a cloud-first strategy that I find compelling. Brian Hanna – Director, Cloud Practice – summarized it nicely here:

“We believe that cloud and consumerization will drive future technology strategies and standards. We encourage our customers to consider a ‘cloud first policy’ for every technology project. While the approach might be radical, we believe that by investing in the cloud ahead of the curve, customers stand to gain significant competitive advantage in the long term.”

My leaving Microsoft to join Aditi is a testament to the depth to which I agree with this statement. Yet, while cloud is an area with which I remain passionate, as CTO I will also focus on technologies across our software practices – including digital marketing, enterprise social, IT/virtualization, and BI/analytics. This means I’ll work with SharePoint, SQL Server, AD, Hadoop, and so many other great technologies! At the end of the day, my charter is to build our global engineering capabilities across the company – cloud may be a foundation but there are a lot of other areas with which to dig in!

This is going to be an exciting journey.

To learn a bit more you can read the my official appointment announcement and visit Aditi management page.

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