We just released a Salesforce1 tutorial on Github that walks you though the same demo presented by Dave Carroll at the Dreamforce ‘13 Developer’s Keynote.

This tutorial enables you to do the following with Salesforce1:

  • Use the Force Command-Line Interface (CLI) tool to manipulate metadata in Salesforce.
  • Create a Salesforce1 mobile application using the Salesforce1 app container.
  • Create Visualforce components and pages enabled for the Salesforce1 mobile application.
  • Use mobile cards and create publisher actions.
  • Create a compact view for the page layout that is better designed for the Salesforce1 mobile application.

Salesforce1 App Salesforce1 App

To get you quickly started this tutorial provides the following resources:

  1. A set of shell scripts to populate the demo schema and data into your Salesforce organization.
  2. A detailed setup guide to ensure you have all prerequisites setup correctly.
  3. A step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the process.

This tutorial is open-sourced on Github. Feel free to grab the code and run through the tutorial. If you have feedback or find a bug you can either submit an issue or fork the repository and submit a pull request. Please review the details on the repository.

Good luck!

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