About Me

Wade Wegner

I have more than fifteen years of experience with professional software engineering and have filled various roles from software developer to architect to technology evangelist. I first started programming in middle school by writing Pascal-based scripts for VT220 telnet clients that automatically played (and leveled) characters in MUDs. Since then I've worked on increasingly more complex solutions (if not as fun) including large-scale commerce implementations, low-latency distributed messaging systems, and cloud-based Monte Carlo simulations.

I am currently a Senior Director at salesforce.com, focusing on architects and developers as a technical evangelist. I focus on language SDKs and developer tools for integration with salesforce.com through our APIs. In addition to building SDKs such as the Salesforce Toolkits for .NET, I spend a lot of time building IoT prototypes with sensors, wearable technology, and anything else that captures large amounts of data and needs ways to aggregate and generate reports.

Prior to salesforce.com, I was CTO at Aditi Technologies, responsible for driving Aditi's technical strategy and product engineering. In addition to building a robust IP strategy across our consulting organization, I led the creation of two developer services: Brewmaster, which automates the provisioning and deployment of advanced application topologies in Microsoft Azure (e.g. similar to "cloud formation" for AWS), and Scheduler, a flexible developer service providing full CRON capabilities to numerous endpoints.

I held several roles in Microsoft, most recently leading Technical Evangelism for Windows Azure. In this capacity, I coordinated across engineering, marketing, sales, and field teams in order to drive the adoption of Windows Azure. I was responsible for the Windows Azure Training Kit and built the Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices (Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android). I also worked as a software architect, leading architectural design sessions, proof-of-concepts, and engagements with some of Microsoft’s largest customers. Perhaps the most fun I had was as a host on the weekly Channel 9 show Cloud Cover with Steve Marx.

I am still actively involved in the developer community and frequently speak at events such as TechEd, BUILD, and ThatConference.

Outside of work, I am an aspiring brew master. If you care to hear about my brewing (and tasting) adventures you can follow me on Twitter or join me sometime as I brew on the weekend!